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Over the span of fourteen years, Laurie Friese has done many readings for me. I find her to be accurate, insightful and compassionate.  I often listen to the CDs she's made of our sessions together, and I marvel at how things have unfolded in my life just as she said they would. I do not hesitate to recommend Laurie to new clients. She is an astute Vedic Astrologist, and a wonderful friend.

          ~Barbara Longley~HEART OF THE DRUID LAIRD~September, 2011, Carina Press           www.barbaralongley.comhttp://herebemagic.blogspot.com

My Vedic reading experiences with Laurie were extremely positive & uplifting; so much so, that they profoundly influenced several aspects of my life in so many encouraging ways.  Several of Laurie’s insights of my past & present experiences, as well as relationships, were astonishingly accurate.  The assuring and loving manner in which she delivers the messages helped greatly, especially with those that were sometimes difficult to listen to.  Laurie’s passion for the Vedic sciences is deeply expressed in the readings she provides. 

          ~N.A., New York

Laurie truly cares and invests her heart and soul into astrology and her readings show this through and through.  Amazingly accurate details of all of the things I wanted to know when inquiring about my most private, innermost thoughts and deeply held concerns. 

          ~G.R. Minnesota

Laurie's Vedic astrology reading satisfied my need for a thoughtful and spiritually-based interpretation of my astrological chart. She presented herself with love and grace and I felt I was resting in the bosom of Spirit during her reading and for some time after. For those seeking a reading from someone who is spiritually grounded, I would highly recommend Laurie.

          ~M.E., California

Laurie has been doing readings for me for at least 12 years. I always find her to be very insightful, honest, and compassionate.  Her knowledge of the astrological influences and how they apply to my chart is impressive!


          ~M.B., Wisconsin

Laurie is a very professional, conscientious person with years of experience. I recommend her highly because of my many years of working with her. Dedicated, thorough, she gives the utmost of herself in her readings.


          ~J.R., North Carolina

Laurie read my chart and explained why and what was happening to me in my life. I was having all kinds of experiences I just figured were random. Nope. She showed me they were there in my chart. It was humbling and frustrating to realize what a puppet of the stars I really am... As far as my personal feedback on the content and accuracy of the reading, I was impressed.  Indeed, the beginning of May did see me begin work on the plans for the renovations of the new [building], and I am actively drawing them on the computer now. [My girlfriend] and I listened to the cds together, and she also commented on some striking accuracies.  

          ~T.S., Washington, D.C.

I have had 5 astrology readings with Laurie Friese over the past 4 years.  The information she supplied has all been very accurate and helpful to me.
Laurie and her husband, John, live on quiet grounds sheltered by trees and teeming with wildlife. It is all very pleasant to visit. Laurie is unique in her views on life. I found her openness and her willingness to help refreshing. She is a good friend who sends prayers and good thoughts during difficult times.  She and her husband both did this for me during a time of duress. Such loving and kind people they are! It is too bad this much love is unusual!  Thank you, Laurie. and I wish you all continued success in your business.

          ~M.D., Minnesota

It is always a pleasure to visit Laurie and receive a Birthday reading. She points out the planetary influences that may have impact on my life during the coming year. With her strong spiritual focus, she reminds me of the supremacy of my free will to override the power of the planets, yet it is helpful to know when their influence urges caution or celebration. 

          ~C.E., Minnesota

I've known and worked with Laurie for over 10 years and find her work to be complete. She has a strong commitment to her clients and is an honorable friend and astrologer.  You absolutely will pick wisely choosing Laurie's astrology services.  

          ~S.S., Scottsdale, Arizona

For the most intriguing experience of your life I recommend that you have a vedic astrology reading by Laurie Friese.  My first reading was years ago and I still find it relevant and revealing.  My friends and I have all since had readings by Laurie and are always amazed at the accuracy even years later! I enjoy Laurie’s positive joyful demeanor. Every year treat yourself to a cup of tea and a couple of hours with Laurie talking all about you and your chart.  What could be better?

          ~P. K., Minnesota